WooCommerce – The Ultimate Solution for E-Commerce Sites

WooCommerce – The Ultimate Solution for E-Commerce Sites

E-Commerce websites are becoming more popular on these days . Most of the users prefer to shop online these days. This has resulted in nearly 40% of the internet domain being taken over by E-Commerce websites, most of which are on the Woo-commerce platform.

Most Popular E-Commerce platforms:
31% of E-Commerce service providers opting for Woo Commerce. This is mainly due to the fact that Woo-commerce is part of WordPress and many brands are simply comfortable using the world’s most trusted website hosting platform. Magento comes in at a distant second with 18%, OpenCart at 10% and Shopify at 8%.
3 Major Reasons Why WooCommerce is Perfect For Ecommerce Startups
It’s Free
Huge Flexibility
Vast Customization Options

Why  Woo-commerce become So Popular?
Just because it is the part of world trusted cms WordPress . Originally intended as a medium to post blogs, WordPress has grown to become a full-fledged web hosting platform. With over 25% of the websites being hosted on WordPress, it’s kind of obvious as to why Woo-commerce is the most used option.
Adding to this, Woo-commerce is free and easy to use and can be managed with little effort. There is no need for any coding and is very easy to install. The plugin also offers an array of customization options to suit a wide range of palates. It comes embedded with the option for users to rate and review the products as well.

Product page developed using Woo-commerce

shopping site

Payment integration is very simple?

In woocommerece we can implement unlimited payment integration like Paypal , COD , etc . IT is very easy to configure those . It is just like setting some configuration values ina page . So evenrything else will be take care by woo commerce

WooCommerce can be managed without much technical expertise while the others require a technical know-how to get things done efficiently. Having said this, WooCommerce has to be an option only if you are looking at a medium scale e-commerce website. Magento, on the other hand, should be your choice to handle large-scale content and services. Overall, WooCommerce has the edge as it offers plenty of free and paid services for the user to incorporate according to their needs. It also provides the option to manage a multipurpose website along with a shopping module, making it truly a flexible option. If you are a emommerece startup and looking for e commerece site woocommerece is the best choice